Twisted Plinth

by Patalab Architecture
  • Flexibility for Exhibiting Objects



Product Name
Twisted Plinth
Patalab Architecture
United Kingdom

Product Type

Interior accessories
Residential sculptures

Twisted Plinth is a 'Patalab designed stainless steel display stand that can be adjusted in height and tilted from 0 - 90°. The capacity for reconfiguration is achieved by cutting the plinth along a 45° plane that acts as a joint allowing the upper part to slide along the cut plane for height adjustment, or, tilting displays into more favorable presentation angles.


This mechanical plinth thus provides higher levels of flexibility for the exhibition of objects than static ones. Assembled in groups of two or more the plinths’ individual configurations can add to a sense of communication amongst the displays themselves.

In terms of construction, the plinth is a straightforward wireframe box composed of 8mm square steel rods and metal sheets for top, bottom and cut planes. A butterfly nut is secretly positioned underneath the 45° cut plane to allow adjustment of the plinth configurations. Other materials such as brass, chromed steel or polycarbonate engineered plastic are currently investigated for line production.

Residential sculptures
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Residential sculptures

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