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All about Wallpaper

There are many benefits to using wallpaper as a wall decorating option over simply applying paint on a wall. The most obvious advantage is that there are numerous options to choose from. Wallpaper products are available in hundreds of colors, designs and patterns. These products can be applied to a room in different ways. Aesthetically pleasing, wall paper is one of the most flexible and versatile wall decorating solutions available today.

Wallpapers are available with different characteristics including screen-printed, hand-printed, woven and non-woven. Wallpaper is unbelievably versatile in terms of the different styles, textures and appearances that can be achieved. The most common wallpaper choices available are vinyl, embossed, fabric-backed, border, flock, foil, fiberglass-backed, paper-backed, linear, moiré, Mylar, natural bamboo, glass cloth, natural silk and photo wall mural.

Wallpaper becomes an extension of a homeowner’s personality. Furthermore, these wall decorating options are extremely easy to clean to make maintenance a breeze. Since most wallpapers come with a coating, they wipe clean from common marks and stains. This aspect takes durability to a higher level as compared to paint. 

In order to make a commercial space inviting, wallpapers are also extensively applied extensively in such environments. In addition to full wallpapering products, wallpaper border solutions are also available. Some spaces look stunning with a wall paper border, while certain spaces look great with full wallpapering solutions. 

Some rooms will always remain vulnerable to dirt and dust. Wallpaper is an excellent choice for these types of spaces. In addition to the ease of use for cleaning, wallpaper patterns naturally hide smudges and dirt. Aesthetics and functionality combine well to make wallpaper one of the most practical wall covering solutions available today. 

Wallpaper prices are affordable for most people and can be found in classic, contemporary and traditional styles. Sustainability and environmental friendliness also play an important role in making wallpaper one of the most sought after wall decorating options.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Vahallan  

Vahallan offers wallpapers that are innovative and beautiful with many design options. Three fundamental principles can be associated with the wall covering solutions offered by this manufacturer; namely passion, creativity and innovation. This rare blend is what makes Vahallan products unique and exceptional. 

Vahallan can meet all types of wallpaper needs. Their wall covering solutions incorporate characteristics and design qualities such as color range, pattern, depth, texture and a focal point for creating a layered and well-designed scheme in a space.

Product variety available at Vahallan is highly appreciable with unique concepts such as Bilanx, Broken lines, Cement, Cercle, Certus, Classic, Crushed metal, Element, Elko, Enchanted, Legacy, Tide, Genesis, Waves and many more. In order to provide exceptional durability, Vahallan products are also cost efficient and they add a protective layer to the wall that is washable and cleanable.   


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