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Wood flooring is manufactured using timber. Nowadays more and more people are switching to this type of flooring as it is available in various styles and varieties. Solid wood flooring is made using a single piece of timber. On the basis of requirements, timber is finely and specifically processed. It is always ensured that while manufacturing, moisture content is controlled. Wood flooring is a popular choice when a person is looking for a classy and luxurious look. Wood flooring is available in both pre-finished and unfinished conditions. Unfinished can be opted for if you want to have a color and finish of your choice. On the other hand, to save time, pre-finished can be opted for as it is ready to be installed directly.

Wood flooring can offer several benefits. This flooring is manufactured using only one piece of wood, so that it offers the feeling that consumers are walking on something very natural like real wood. Re-sanding and re-finishing are very convenient processes to revive wooden flooring. It is also very easy to clean and maintain wood floors. A brush or vacuum is enough to keep such floors neat and clean. A traditional and well-tested system is used for its installation known as groove fitting system. Wooden floors are long lasting and can serve for years without complicated maintenance issues.

Solid wood flooring is available in three types: strip flooring, plank flooring, and parquet flooring. With strip flooring the width is always fixed, however, the thickness may vary. Plank flooring is available in variable thicknesses but here the width can vary and it is not fixed. Parquet flooring has a very different look and is manufactured using geometric patterns.

The natural look one gets with wood flooring makes it an attractive choice when one is looking for renovation. However, extreme care is required if someone wants such flooring to serve well long-term. Avoiding hard cleaners and using a simple vacuum with brushes are smart ways to clean wood flooring. If possible, do not expose this type of flooring to direct sunlight as UV rays can have harmful effects on it. Due to hassle free maintenance, wood flooring can be refurbished at any time.

Wood is a natural material and real wood flooring is capable enough of providing a more natural look, which will add a beauty to the overall architecture of any building. Among different wood flooring types, solid wood flooring gives the most natural look and can be found in traditional homes. To achieve traditional aesthetic appeal, installing wooden flooring could be an informed selection.

Company Spotlight : MAFI

MAFI is among the leading manufacturers of natural wood floors and offers a wide range of such flooring. MAFI floors are made according to the individual’s requirements. An attractive feature of MAFI’s floors is that these involve less machines to come up with the most natural look. MAFI always looks forward to offering its customers durable products and instills great care in doing so. This renowned manufacturer is among the first who discarded using chemicals or paints while producing natural wood floors.