AL Apartment

AL Apartment

Michan Architecture
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico | View Map
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Private Houses
Rafael Gamo

Michan Architecture insertes a wooden structure within an apartment, playing with concave and convex walls that divide public and private areas.

Michan Architecture as Architects

Michan Architecture has completed a residential interior in the northeast of Mexico City, placing a massive wooden structure within a 360 metres apartment. This element divides the space creating separated areas for public and private rooms. 

Living, dining and study are concave, while the private areas convex. Service spaces such as kitchen, laundry and service bedroom are separated, and placed on the perimeter of the apartment. The wall changes from one side to other, providing a variety of nooks and recesses for bathrooms and storage spaces. This arrangement allows service areas to be embedded into the wall, leaving spaces uncluttered. Within the wooden element there are three bedrooms, walking closets and bathrooms. 

A steel extruded mesh works as a sculptural shelving wall, drawing a corridor along the living room to provide privacy to the bedroom’s entries. This construction process explored a hybrid system using digital tools and local craftsmanship. It yields new forms of translation between digital processes based design and local constrains.

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