Alameda Apartment
Alejandro Gómez
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
AJ Jacobsen Floor lampLouis Poulsen
Mitis dining table with fumé glass topPunt Mobles
Eames Lounge ChairVitra.
ManufacturersJung HQ

Product Spec Sheet
AJ Jacobsen Floor lamp
Mitis dining table with fumé glass top
by AEG
by Bosch

Alameda House

onside | architecture as Architects

The onside architecture studio formed by the architects Carlos Balada and Carlos Bonet takes care of the comprehensive reform and interior design of anapartment on the Paseo Alameda in Valencia, one of the best city locations. The preliminary draft of this project, received in 2015 the Valencia CREA Awards - National Prize as recognition of the young talents in the category Interior Design.


The apartment is located in one of the tower buildings more emblematic of the city and true visual reference of Valencianmodernism. Work of the Valencian architect Miguel Colomina, the building emerges as a milestone in the two-way confluence, allowing all rooms have access to the large terraces with the best views over the city and Turia gardens, Viveros and Monforte.


The aim is to update the house and give it a value added from design, as well as solving problems with the storage unit and reconfigure the service area and kitchen, currently excessively compartmentalized and misused. 


The proposal is defined on the basis of two elements curvesthat by a simple gesture, articulate and order both routes and uses, house the storage spaces and hide pillars and passage the Central Community Facilities. With this distribution we get visuals and crossed ventilations, as well as a continuous space characterized by visual simplicity and functionality of spaces.


The creation of these curved wall-cabinets, the use noble materials such as stone and wood, as well as natural light entry in all rooms, allows us to create an unique and timeless atmosphere within the city.

Material Used :


1. Travertine marble | Petra The Stone Atelier

2. French oak wood custom finish DF | SchottenWood


1. Gypsum plasterboard with water-based matt finish

2. Marble travertine | Petra The Stone Atelier

3. PanellingDM lacquered white and natural oak polish extramate custom finish DF | Loriann Carpentry

4. Water zone bathrooms: Microcement titanium gray finish

5. Painting walls and ceilings / roofs: white enamel water-based matt finish

Interior joinery:

1. Doors, cabinets and shelves: DM lacquered white and natural oak polish extramate custom finish DF | Loriann Carpentry

2. Interior glass: fumé gray butylaminated tempered glass | Campos Glassworks

3. Toilet and bidet: Wall-hung Emma | Gala

4. Faucets: Clever

5. Washbasins: Krion


1. Countertop: Krion

2. Appliances: Siemens, Pando, AEG, Bosch


1. Switchs: Jung 990 series

2. General lighting: LED linear luminaire

3. Spotlights: Petra recessed luminaires model | Ineslam



1. Timer modular sofa | Crudo

2. Cube auxiliary tables | Crudo

3. Mitis dining table with fumé glass top | Punt

4. Mava dining chairs | Punt

5. Eames Lounge Chair | Vitra

6. AJ Jacobsen Floor lamp | Louis Poulsen

7. Cup stools | Crudo

8. BKF chair | ButterflyOriginal

9. Aneis plant pot holder | Crudo

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