Ammirati, New York (USA)

Ammirati, New York (USA)

New York, United States
Bruno Augsburger & Trevor Tondro

Great design never looks like it is trying too hard - Like a clean, blank, functional canvas

USM Modular Furniture as Manufacturers

Ten years ago, when Matthew Ammirati founded his marketing agency, he invested in one piece of USM furniture, to share between 3 people. Ten years later, his company, which works with clients ranging from Smartwater to Kawasaki to Omega, has 72 employees – and the furniture has grown apace. Ammirati keeps a clean and uniform work environment using pure white USM components – except for his own desk, which is bright green. “A former cosmetics client believed deeply in how the colors that surround us can affect our path in life,” Ammirati explains. “She said the color green represented prosperity and growth… so I am definitely holding on to that desk!”

Ammirati, New York (USA) Workspace for 72 people Furniture: USM Haller in pure white, USM Haller tables in pearl gray laminate and green lacquered glass Sales partner: USM Modular Furniture, New York (USA) Architect: CCS Cass Calder Smith (USA)

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