Apartment in São Paulo

Apartment in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil - Build completed in 2017
Rafael Renzo

Apartment in São Paulo

DMDV arquitetos as Architects


It took 30 days for the project and 90 days for the renovation to be ready, and included new coatings, joinery and adaptations to the original plant

An apartment in São Paulo (Brazil) that would be inhabited in a short time - from the first meeting with the clients to delivery it takes less than 120 days -, prioritized a simple maintenance without major changes in the original layout. The proposal was to arrive at a beautiful and pleasant environment. With these premises, the brazilian office DMDV Arquitetos thought a project with a contemporary language, where predominate white, wood and gray added to items brought from travel around the world.

With the idea of ​​modernizing the apartment with 60 m² - which included new coatings, carpentry and electrical part, but without drastic layout interventions - the couple that inhabits the property, and who receives their children on some weekends, has chosen to maintain a second bedroom in the apartment to receive them on those occasions. However, the work had a short time to be implemented. This limitation of time was conditioning for some solutions, like the choice of the vinyl floor instead of the solid wood, for example.

During the renovation, a diagonal wall was removed and it reduced the room. Conforming a rectangular environment privileging this space, which is the one of greater permanence in the day to day, the smaller room has been reduced. Used less frequently, it´s routinely used as an office and therefore has a sofa bed for the "visits" of the children. An interesting detail is the world map, where stickers point to the destinations of the world already visited by the couple.

The language of the environments was unified through the vinyl floor (Tarkett color Carambola): a care of the architects was to run the baseboards with a solid Freijó wood cord in order to "marry" the color with the floor. This same wooden cord turns vertically at the junction with the doors, functioning as a trim and continuing the design. In the kitchen, the gray Silestone countertops are protagonists. A floor with similar tone was chosen in contrast to all the woodwork that is white, solution in 2 tones, simple and beautiful.

Because they travel a lot, the cliente really like the ethnic décor and, therefore, the Nepal rug, the photo of the Holi Festival in India. Another appreciation is music and its enviable collection of vinyl records - to accommodate them, the DMDV designed small carpentry channels to expose some of those discs that can be changed routinely.

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