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Ático Chezmoi

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The project is commissioned by an entrepreneur in the tourism sector. The property comes from a heritage and maintains its original state of construction. The objective is to adapt a distribution of the less fortunate spaces to a new configuration ideal for a family with two adolescent children that adapts to their lifestyle.

The client’s wishes before starting the project were to maintain 3 rooms (a master with private bathroom) and leave the rest as a diaphanous, modern, spacious and bright space.

The challenge was to fit that program into a very irregular plant. To do this, it is decided to close one of the original terraces where the master bedroom will be located. The solution proposed for the children is to leave a minimum private space for rest and have another common for the study much wider and in connection with the rest of the house. The center is left all open integrating the kitchen, achieving in this way a diaphanous space of almost 55 m2, with direct connection to the terrace from where you have views of the whole city.

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