Casa Grava

Casa Grava

Estudio PK
Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina | View Map
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Estudio PK as Architects

The project is located in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina with northeast orientation and direct views to the central lagoon of the Virazon neighborhood located in Nordelta.


The impront of the house was based on generating a pure and clean geometry that enhances the surrounding nature and respects the privacy of the proposal.


Casa Grava was projected as a mass, with its personal and tectonic impront. There was a search in respect to the materiality, the choice of stone on the outside had to do with a nostalgic idea of the client, this generated a design that starts from the idea of the settlement of a stone.


Conceptually, we started from a heavy base, with the stone as a protagonist that identifies the place, a lighter upper floor and different perforations that were generated to capture the best orientation.


The house is developed on two floors, the first floor is perceived as a large volume with openings which generates internal gardens and an access courtyard. All these voids are designed to capture the best light and generate different enriching situations for users.


Casa Grava uses a duality in the contrast between the interior materiality and the exterior. The ground floor is perceived as a solid, the stone manages to enhance this idea but its interiors were projected light, permeable with a white suspended ceiling that helps to reinforce this duality. Upstairs a concrete slab contrasts in the interior.



The route through the house is one of the most important issues, predominating the simplicity of the circulation. From the entrance there is an uninterrupted path, it is a very fluid house, hermetic towards the street but once one enters the house this hermeticity disappears. This ride lives the landscape through the windows, being uninterrupted it achieves that connection with nature generating a play of light and shadows throughout the day, in turn they have projection towards the water which was one of the most important focuses to capture.


We sought openness and a relationship with the environment. one of the challenges we faced when designing was how the exterior could enter the interior of the house, thanks to the proximity to the delta, it was very important that the exterior was inside the house so empty gaps were generated to allow the entry of vegetation even under the staircase, highlighting the sensation of fluidity between the interior and exterior with which as one enters the house and walks through it there are different instances and green spaces, even on the top floor a terrace was generated next to all the rooms to remain in close contact with all that is the fluidity of vegetation. 





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