CETES Experimental Television Cultural/Didactic Centre

CETES Experimental Television Cultural/Didactic Centre

AKA Architetti
Reggio Calabria , Italy
Project Year
Cultural Centres

CETES Experimental Television Cultural/Didactic Centre

AKA Architetti as Architects

CONCEPT The intervention represents a distinct urban and landscape sign. Not only the transmission tower and the new building but also the entire complex as well as the surrounding terrain were sculptured and were intended to be a piece of land art.

During the night the centre is engulfed by an illuminated net that emerges from the terrain spreading and arriving to the top of the broadcasting tower/sculpture, visible from a far. The centre itself becomes an instrument of communication, an interactive device and not only a passive container. The net that enwraps the centre has another function as a bio climate skin. It has biphase ecologic system; passive, hot/cold protection, and active, with the insertion of photovoltaic panels.

PROGRAM The program required the reuse of an abandoned industrial complex in the northern outskirts of Reggio Calabria planning a polyfunctional centre for an experimental television as well as an audio visual facility, with laboratories, studio classes and other structures for the related production (short films, documentary, commercial spot, etc). Areas for exhibitions and temporary installations such as film festivals were requested as well.

On a triangular area of 14.000 sq m are 6 buildings of the former packaging plant, the program gave a full liberty on the conservation or the demolition of these buildings.

AKA’s proposal was to maintain and restore 4 of the existing buildings while demolishing the remaining 2 and substituting them with the construction of a new semicircular building with a piazza/arena on its core.

The distribution plan for the new complex is divided in 2 levels, on the ground level are located the more operative spaces, scenographic and tailoring workshops, laboratories, studios, administration offices and in the corresponding new building area an exhibition gallery. On the level above are the public designated areas such as the cafeteria, bookshop, offices and teaching classes. On the same level a suspended visiting path is programmed in order to allow the visitors to view the various activities without interfering.

On the non built areas is planned an equipped public park that participate in the centre activities, the terrain is sculptured in a fractured way that allows to collocate the parking areas and the technical rooms underneath it.

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