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Chalus planning centre and research building

Chalus planning centre and research building

Ehsan Jahani (A.S.E)

Farzane saed
Chalus, Iran | View Map
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Chalus planning centre and research building

Ehsan Jahani (A.S.E) as Architects

Chalus (Persian: وس  ,also Romanized as Chālūs, is a city in and thecapital of Chalus County, MazandaranProvince, Iran. At the 2006 census, its populationwas 44,618, in 12,791 families. according to thestudy and research in the area we found that thecity done not have planning and researchbuilding in such a way the regulation occur in thenorth Iran .so when we are holding the flag of goinggreen toward sustainable development so itsbuilding should reflect the aim of the planning andresearch center . So we select the concept of thebuilding to have a interior courtyard with greenarea which climatically it is self growing Mather innorth .although the climatically sun is weak atnorth, we located building in such a way that theamong of sunshine and sunlight being controlledfor the user of the building. considering that thecity is located in the coast of Caspian sea and thedirection of wind is also obvious, using of smalltechno-wind turbines close to the building willenable the building to provide its own electricityand also solar panels preserve the energy of sun atday to provide more electricity at night .the interiorcourt yards are covered by green roof technology.

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