City Center Dübendorf
Silvano Pedrett Photography

City Center Dübendorf

Moos Giuliani Hermann Architekten as Architects

The City Center, located in the city center of Dübendorf, was built in the 1970s and is in urgent need of renovation. The previous three-story building will be supplemented by a full floor and an attic. The recessed increase over the entire length of the building results in a new, high-quality cubic structure, which is further reinforced by the facade design with all-round parapets made of light, waved fiber cement and the wood-metal windows, which are highlighted in a dark grey.


The ground floor offers retail space, the upper floors are expanded to the north as office and service rooms and to the south with apartments. A 250m2 “green room” will be formed on the roof as an outside space for the residents.


Material Used :
1. Ventilated facade cladding – eternit wave, vulcanite grey
2. Roof garden – Jacob rope system, webnet
3. Sun protection – griesser, drop arm awning, off white
4. Floor – parquet oak and artificial stone
5. Wall stairwell – limestone concrete (sight)
6. Light stairwall – pendulum special light, moos licht

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Ventilated facade cladding – vulcanite greyETERNIT
Sun protection – drop arm awning, off whiteGriesser AG
Roof garden – webnetJakob Rope Systems
Light stairwall – pendulum special lightMOOS licht ag
Product Spec Sheet
Ventilated facade cladding – vulcanite grey
Sun protection – drop arm awning, off white
Roof garden – webnet
Light stairwall – pendulum special light
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