Classic Marble Company

Classic Marble Company

ZZ Architects
Silvassa, India
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The project being a marble showroom, the obvious challenge was to respond to the design brief at hand. The plot of land was neatly fragmented to incorporate the various needs of the organization such as the factory, office building, dining block, landscape features and also the desired vehicular movements. The office block had to house the entire marketing team, Board of director’s wing, and a state of art marble showroom. Sensitivity to the product and the design language of the office was essential right from the conceptualization of the space. The plot is divided into various important sections like factory, office block, landscape etc. All sections have been designed in such a way that design elements complement each other. All this meant giving individuality to various sections of the facility as well as weaving them into a cohesive whole. As a concept it was decided to use marble in its purest from and strictly adhere to the quality of finishing as we believe that often it is unseen details that clearly makes the overall visual impact.

The building façade was conceptualized to be a glass and stone edifice. On entering one is greeted with a 30 ft. high waterfall feature which adds necessary glamour and relieving sound to the area. Dry cladding 30 ft. onyx wall, which is sky-lit during the day and back-lit during the night, creates a play of light and shadow. The display room has marble samples lined along the wall. To add to this aesthetic appeal and to heighten the dimension of the space herein, a free floating suspended elliptical structure was placed in the middle of the room. In Classic Marble Company, marble has been used in every possible variation. The material palette for the entire project naturally revolved around the basic elements of marble. Marble has been used symbolically for its tectonic character as well as to create a sense of space and luxury.

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