Clay Restaurant

Clay Restaurant

ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic)
Bangkok, Thailand
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Clay Restaurant

ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic) as Architects

A Clay restaurant, located in Bangkok, Thailand, is a renovation project from a 40 years old rental house by ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic). The architects used raw materials as concrete plaster, wood, and terrazzo to compare with the concept of "Living with nature" alongside with their menu. 


By respected the beauty of the old house, The architects removed old additional structures from previous renovations from previous house tenants, like car parking, storage room, maid house, and aluminum canopies. The new steel structure with wood-cladding is applied for a new canopy and new glasshouse area which allowed natural light and greenery view in a dining area. 


While keeping old outstanding material likes the existing old roof - tile and existing wood frames, ASWA chooses to remove a white-coated color with a wood frame to show the beauty of the wooden grain and removed an old painted from the exterior wall then covered with new cement plaster. 


The new kitchen, located in the back of a house, is converted from the old kitchen where it is adjacent to the main house. The workstation has new glass windows to display chefs' activities during their cooking.


A new white terrazzo floor runs continue to the counter along with the leading line of an exposed ceiling that displayed a wooden floor structure from the upper floor while a new greenhouse's floor used a dark gray terrazzo. The existing window frame separated space into two atmospheres between light and dark.


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