CODE of HAPINESS. Penthhouse 23/77

CODE of HAPINESS. Penthhouse 23/77

Natalia Oleksienko - Evolutionary Architecture
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CODE of HAPINESS. Penthhouse 23/77

Natalia Oleksienko - Evolutionary Architecture as Architects

Ukrainian architect Natalia Oleksienko designed a 3-storey villa on the 23rd floor in Kiev.

Above us only the sky. That's what happiness looks like.

The penthouse is created as a space of inexhaustible inspiration.

Panoramic shower, multi-level terraces, balcony for two, pool, lounge and barbecue, bedrooms and children's rooms, wine cellar and library, chess and music room, fireplace and cinema with perfect sound and image ...

There is the view of the whole Kiev from the height of the bird`s flight.

It's easier to tell what is not. Happiness should be without borders, isn`t it?

Happiness should be only with future.

This is how Evolutionary Architecture is created.

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