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ComCity Moscow

ComCity Moscow

Blank Architects

Cigler Marani Architects
Moscow, Russian Federation
Project Year
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ComCity Moscow

Piotr Krajewski - Architectural Photography as Photographers

Photo shoot of the Administration and Commercial Center “ComCity" in Moscow for Blank Architects. Information on the possibilities of use the photographs: info@pkrajewski.pl or +48 / 606463444

The ComCity office buildings are located on the southwest side of Moscow, in Kievskoe Shosse. approximately 1.5 km from MKAD. The plot is a part of ’new’ Moscow and so public transportation routes such as metro lines and two bus connections provide easy access to the neighboring Shosse for visitors. Blank Architects was responsible for adapting a concept provided by Cigler Marani Architects into a Building Permit Design.

The design also provides a connection to Rumiancevo; a nearby village. The car flow diagrams created by the authors of the concept solved a complicated traffic situation, providing access in various directions from the plot and simultaneously creating a small city. One of the main goals of the project was to provide a calm and quiet atmosphere for the office employees. Therefore all the technical areas were located above the fifth storey offices and protected with acoustic screens. Also the stylobate was designed using a sophisticated landscaping technique that created green areas as well as water ponds and fountains. Deliveries and other servicing areas were hidden beneath the slab as well. Glazed facades also reflect this idea - white, dark grey profiles for glazing, with grey and white sun screens to suit and highlight the purpose of the complex. Two bus stops were specially

designed and placed at the two main entrances to intercept the main flow of traffic. The complex consists of eight, five-storey office buildings located on stylobate. Under each building there is a 2-level parking lot. All parking lots are connected with the shopping mall which provides access to office buildings via lifts and escalators. Each office module is designed with an internal core with lifts, toilets, service rooms etc. A layout like this maximizes the work space and provides natural light access from each side. The retail gallery located under the stylobate connects all the functions. Various types of services, such as a hairdressers', a small fitness center, restaurants, cafes, and a supermarket give employees the opportunity to come to work and feel as if they were in a small city. Around 15 thousand people will commute there each day. Therefore there are 32 lifts provided to communicate between the office floors. Access to office ground floor is provided mostly via the retail gallery by way of escalators and shuttle. (Text source: http://www.blankarchitects.ru)

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