Cordoba Hospital

Cordoba Hospital

ENERO Arquitectura
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Outside glass and curtain wallGuardian Glass
Aluminium latticeworkIMAR
Outside joinery and curtain WallCortizo
Bamboo boardsFINSA
Screed PVC SupplierGerflor

Product Spec Sheet
Outside glass and curtain wall
Aluminium latticework
Outside joinery and curtain Wall
by Cortizo
Bamboo boards
Screed PVC Supplier
by Gerflor

Hospital Quirónsalud Córdoba

ENERO Arquitectura as Architects

The Cordoba Hospital: Looking from the Past Towards the Future

When the Quironsalud Group decided to embark upon a new hospital project in Cordoba, they selected Enero Arquitectura to carry it out. With more than 12 years of experience in healthcare design and construction, Enero completed the task under the highest quality standards, responding to the demand for a complex functional agenda.


Quironsalud´s new hospital, located in the Andalucian city of Cordoba, gradually begins providing medical services. By the end of the same year, they have rolled out their full agenda of care. Heading up the project is Enero Arquitectura, a studio comprised of more than 40 diverse professionals focusing on the healthcare, hotel, and cultural heritage sectors.


The new Cordoba Hospital was developed by the leading healthcare provider in Spain, Quironsalud, beginning in late 2014. Construction was completed in June of this year, with services finally launched in September. One of the hospital’s most distinguishing characteristics is its exterior design: a dual-layered covering that allows the building to take full advantage of local climate conditions. A first layer, composed of prefabricated glass pieces which serve as a thermal enclosure, is fastened to various slab edges and transom windows. The finished exterior, which acts as a sort of second skin for the building, is made up of a metallic lattice inspired by Arabic mashrabiyas -- abstract geometric motifs that modulate the sunlight inwards.


Located on a 23,256 sq. m. plot on Airport Avenue, this project opted to condense its range of services into 2 intersecting volumes. On one side lies the larger, taller technical and inpatient block, while next to it sits the smaller outpatient building. The hospital´s total surface area stands at 23,500 square meters, or 18,650 square meters discounting the parking garages and installations.


Spatial Quality
Spatial quality was highly prioritized in this project, as we sought to maximize the use of natural light, optimize energy consumption, and facilitate a welcoming spatial design, not only for the patients but for other hospital users as well. The building sits on a piece of land that contains archaelogical remains from the Islamic era, including construction fragments in the southwestern corner and a necropolis.


The two volumes sit at differing angles: the principal building follows the eastern alignment of the modern urban grid, while the smaller one juts out from the first, tracing the boundary of the archaeological ruins. The intersection of these buildings creates the two main entrances, both a public one facing the street and an emergency one a bit more tucked away. This 7-story hospital possesses a total of 115 beds, 7 operating theatres, 1 vascular radiology unit, 2 endoscopy units, CT scanning, resonance, 1 in-vitro fertilization area, 3 delivery rooms and 8 diagnostic imaging rooms.


Architecture Designed for the Patient
Since its conception, Enero Arquitectura has specialized in healthcare architecture. The experience we´ve accumulated within the last 12 years has provided our team with an invaluable expertise. At Enero, the end user experience is as critical as the design, which is why we place great importance on the use of natural light, in order to create more inviting spaces while saving energy, reduced transit, and a spatial design intended to ensure the comfort of both patients and visitors.


We strive for humanized, patient-centric hospitals, such as Collado Villalba General Hospital in Madrid, whose innovative design won a 2013 Highly Commended honor at the 9th World Congress on Design and Health in Australia. In addition to healthcare design, the studio has specialized since 2006 in hotels and cultural heritage projects -- namely the restorations of unique and culturally significant buildings. Our commitment to the client, know-how, and discerning taste for materials are present in all of Enero Arquitectura´s projects.


Material Used :
1. Aluminium latticework - Imar.S.A.
2. Outside joinery and curtain Wall - Cortizo
3. Outside glass and curtain wall - GuardianGlass
4. Screed PVC Supplier - Gerflor
5. Bambooboards - FINSA

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