CR House
Nelson Kon
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Metal roof tileArcelorMittal Construction
Porcelain tileCastelatto
Cumaru wood lining and bedroom floorsIndusparquet
GlassesSaint-Gobain Glass HQ
Concrete roof tileTégula

Product Spec Sheet
Metal roof tile
Porcelain tile
Cumaru wood lining and bedroom floors
Concrete roof tile
by Tégula

CR House

Obra Arquitetos as Architects

The couple requested a house with roof and great connection with the external area. From then on, we proposed a single inclined roof and L site plan. In this way the yard becomes an integrated space with the interior. The frames allow the total opening of the spaces on the ground floor by diluting the boundaries between the interior and exterior.


The sloping roof provides ample right feet and provides good thermal comfort. The project also includes some sustainability solutions. One of them is the use of 24 photovoltaic panels that produce in the summer about 720kWH / month of energy. Linked in system on grid, make the house self sufficient in electricity in some parts of the year. We believe an architecture where the exploration of the technical virtues provided very heterogeneous spaces, bringing quality and space comfort to the users.


Material Used :

1. Indusparquet - cumaru wood lining and bedroom floors
2. Solarium - floor external area
3. Castelatto - porcelain tile
4. Saint Gobain - glasses
5. AcelorMittal – metal roof tile
6. Tégula – concrete roof tile
7. Cortesia - concrete

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Floor external area
casa Orizzonte
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