KG Mimarlık
Istanbul, Turkey
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Deposite Warehouse

KG Mimarlık as Architects

The Deposite Building is located in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone consists of a total of 23.505 m2 building area located on a land of 6785 m2. The function of the existing building has been restored to its new function according to the needs of the environment and an additional warehouse building has been designed as required.

The parcel is located in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone and located next to an existing building. The owner of the existing building and new designed building is the same company and a new floor will be added on the existing building. In the light of all these data, the new additional building, which is completely opposite to the existing structure and which is hidden under a metal cover that visually surrounds the upper floor, is served by a ramp road which can be entered and exit from the road level. During the arrangement, the facade of the old structure was rearranged. While the metal roof cover continues on the facade of the warehouse building, it receives daylight in the interior from contrasting tears.

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Mary Idema Pew Library
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