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Devani Home

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Devani Home

RNDSQR as Architects

This home was built and designed by the current homeowners, Alkarim and Majida Devani. The President and Creative Director of RNDSQR took inspiration from their daughter’s love for play and enjoyment of the outdoors and applied it to the whole home. The goal was to bring as much of the outdoors inside as possible and ensure as much natural light was used to create an open an airy concept.

A favorite feature of the whole family’s is the “Floating Net” or hammock above the entry. Not only is it utilized as a skylight that allows light to filter down into the entrance vestibule, but it also acts as a snuggle nook for the owner’s daughter – a cozy, fun space to read a book and play in.

The “Open to Above” space was created with cedar slats to mimic the idea of being in a natural surrounding such as a forest. The second story light filters into the room through the slats and creates a whimsical pattern throughout the space. Inspiration for this room came from travels to Kyoto (the idea of a wooden shoot mimics the bamboo forest) creating a feeling of serenity that is encapsulated within the tall shoots and flickering light.

Corten is a material that is used throughout the home – not only to bring some of the outdoor exterior into the interior, but to add warmth against the raw concrete and kitchen wall. Inspiration from this came from travels in the Atacama Desert, where Corten is much used; the Corten fireplace is a reminder of the warm desert sand.

The materials used in the master ensuite were once again part of bringing the green landscape of the outdoors inside. The walls are colored with textured mossy green tile while the water closet and vanity is warm and adds a spa like feeling with the oak and alder wood paneling.

Utilizing the mindset of “better with age” for the exterior of the home, the materials used will change and enhance overtime; weathered cedar, concrete retaining walls and black Corten changing to rust will continue to evolve. Heavy use of these materials allows for the exterior of the home to create a story overtime. 

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