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Dihedral House

Dihedral House

Boulder, United States
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Raul Garcia

Dihedral House

Arch11 as Architects

Clients brief: “They wanted a home as modern as their racing bikes,” says Arch11 principal EJ Meade of the 30-something clients. “That’s exactly what John and Beth told me at our first meeting. And then they had all of these other bike-related needs like a specific room to store them in, a ramp they could ride right down into the basement directly from the outside, a room to store all their PowerBars and gear in…. It was one of the most interesting programs I’ve even been given.”

Design strategy: This modern house designed by Arch11 is a place where the domestic life of a young family weaves with the values of two professional athletes and the outdoors. Where this distinction may separate those roles, lines in this structure seeks to bind and integrate. Anchored on a downtown corner site, this Boulder, Colo. home has an all glass living room and Site-cast, board-formed concrete walls. The latter both moors the building to its site and provides thermal mass to control temperature swings.

The house is organized around crossing dihedral lines--one phenomenal and one tectonic—that shear the interior volumes.

Main construction materials Glass, board-formed concrete, cedar siding

Sustainable features of the design: 1. Orientation on the east west axis allows solar exposure to the south. We took advantage of the passive gain by opening the south and limiting fenestration on the north sides. The house performs 30% better than the IEC (international energy code) standard. 2. 3” polished floors provide thermal mass to limit temperature swings. 3. All concrete in the foundation and walls are 20% fly ash content. 4. Heating is 94% efficient condensing boiler with radiant heat 5. HRV for air quality control. 6. Recycled content structural steel 7. Soy-based foam insulation 8. All finish lumber is FCS certified 9. All interior finishes are no VOC 10. Aluminum windows and doors meet NFRC and AAMA ratings and are manufactured using recycled aluminum. 11. 80% of the lighting is LED source 12. White TPO roof reflects heat and lessens the cooling load and does not contribute to the urban heat sink. 13. Glazing is high performance 14. Turf is low water fescue 15. All appliances are energy star rated 16. High SEER ac condenser

Additional information you’d like to add: This was the first house that Arch11 designed under Boulder’s new compatibility guidelines, which really restrict how much square footage you can have on the lot and how you express that square footage. In order to fit the homeowner’s program on the site, the architects incorporated a large basement that stretches under the house but also has abundant natural daylight. Total square footage is 5,000 sq. ft. -only 2,900 sq. ft. above ground.

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