Essence of Luxury.Treasured in Nature

Essence of Luxury.Treasured in Nature

Jmarvel Interior Design
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Essence of Luxury.Treasured in Nature

Jmarvel Interior Design as Designers

This is a model house for a collective housing project, the challenge being there is no clue of owner’s requirements or lifestyle reference. The purpose of this design is to appeal to the virtual owners and potential residents, offering them a realistic snapshot of what it will be like to live here. A visual feast with essence of luxury, the power of design here is both expressive and restrained, with poetic elegance in nature.


The target clientele, in their 40s and 50s, are those who have various life experiences, successful careers, and prioritize quality of life. They no longer yearn for ostentatious luxury and instead have become reserved and practical. A healthy and natural lifestyle is preferred, while their tastes are still modern and youthful. They are ready to retire, and they look for a place that supports wellbeing with a sense of modern and modest luxury.


We start with the scope of the project, which is located right opposite to an ecological community where boasts more than 60% of green coverage. From the houses, we can see mountain ridges, which send blessings of better air quality and pleasant temperature. Therefore, we adopt the design theme of “urban living in the forest”, where the relaxing nature and urban chic can coexist.


We use eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to create a living environment that coexists with nature. Veneer and marble illustrate the sense of nature, while metal lines highlight chic fashion. The orderly space serves as contrast to the abstract and romantic stones, striking a balance between sense and sensibility, restrained and expressive, instilling grace from life into the space.


The internal design, echoing the architectural concrete structure of the building as well as Japanese minimalist definition, presents light and shadow and blank space, creating an atmosphere that is better in intangible and shows artistic characters.


The internal space is divided into four small rooms and a closed kitchen. To allow more comfort in space, we change the layout into three bedrooms with a changing room in the master bedroom. As the target clientele would prefer health-oriented lifestyle, we create an open kitchen that is connected the living space, where family members can enjoy more interactions. These are our core ideas for different versions of layout.


We prefer this option because it allows wonderful views in both the living room and the master bedroom. In public as well as in private, the green is right there. All three rooms are for bedrooms, and the owner can be flexible. The main living area is set close to the balcony. Since we do not know how many people exactly will stay here, it is a safer option to extend from the core are of the main user.


Through design, we want to deliver this message: health-oriented lifestyle does not mean everything is layback in zen. Coexisting with nature can enjoy delightful quality of modern life, interpreting serenity in life in just another way.


Whether the future owner prefers the luxurious texture of stone or the warmth with woods, our design can fulfill their imagination for home, setting up a neutral atmosphere that is both sensible and romantic, touching the hearts of all visitors to this model house.


Material Used:

1. Natural veneer

2. Titanizing metal

3. Painting

4. Ceramic tile

5. Headboard cover

6. Engineered floor

7. Marble


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