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LILLE, France
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XTU architects as Architects

The architectural course of action develops the suggestions of the clients desire for a high vertical fragmentation, and a creation of a “skyline” with the buildings. We can see;

Along the Boulevard Hoover, a vertical interruption, creates the 8 meter trenches that where demanded.

The volumes are cut in a vertical way so that interior patios are created. The vertical structures on the F strip are intensified by color contrast.

On the H strip lower constructions (level 3), with planted terraces, houses on the roof, are part of a landscape of urbanised woods

In between, the G strip creates a long trench where is placed a mall. “Bridge buildings” cross the trenches to establish a link between two faces of a same landscape, between the city and the woods.

Skyline: seen from the boulevard, the vertical volumes do not have all the same height. Indeed the landscape of the “Skyline” is a free space where everyone develops after their needs. The Skyline then cuts itself a silhouette in the sky.

The gathering of these vertical, horizontal, and transveral volumes creates a fragmentary landscape, but coherent in its diversity. It all seems carved, sculpted from one piece. All of the buildings seem to be part of a same “family” but each one of them has their own identity: they are pieces of a landscape.

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