Exhibition Center of Shimao

Exhibition Center of Shimao


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Exhibition Center of Shimao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center

SHUISHI as Architects

Situated in the eastern CBD of Longgang, Shenzhen, Shimao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center enjoys the unique urban landscape resources, with its exhibition cen-ter constructed earlier looking towards Longgang Universiade Green Park, its east side facing the future super-high-rise main tower (it might become China's landmark building), its north side close to the central green space, and its west side echoing with the land-scape mountains. The exhibition center will take into account the functions of planning dis-play, commercial marketing, art exhibition, cultural activities, etc., and inject new vitality into the urban area.


It will become the first business card of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Interna-tional Center to the public. The architectural design has combined modern science and technology with traditional culture, taking "Spiral Scroll" + "Layered Gardens" as the core concept: The spiral rising architectural form together with the LED transparent screen, has formed a hazy paper canvas, displaying a long roll of landscape pictures with national charm; the overhangings at different levels and directions have formed a multi-dimensional layered garden, echoing with the scenery in all directions.The combination of the two is meant to create an exhibi-tion gallery with rich cultural meanings. The gallery is floating above the water mirror, with pastel reflections full of interesting contrast.


The tensile structure has overhangings layer by layer, changing directions all the time, and adding radiance and beauty to the surrounding field. The "Spiral Scroll" is circling and circling upwards, creating a hazy, tranquil, or grand, magnificent architectural atmosphere in varying periods of light and shadow. The "Crystal Exhibition Hall" of the core exhibition space is embedded in it, which shows the artistic tone of the public opening. The landscape terrace that follows the rotation of the building constitutes a “Layered Garden”, aiming to create an experience of touring in the air garden and form a continuation of indoor and outdoor temperament.


The "Spiral Scroll" has adopted a double-layer curtain wall system, with the inner per-formance curtain wall following the functional layout closely, the outer shape curtain wall circling upwards with the cantilever, and the middle cavity with a built-in "LED transparent screen" multimedia system. During the daytime, the glazed glass in the sun presents a pure and elegant temperament like the rice paper, looking so peaceful and graceful. At dusk, the afterglow of the sunset falls on the scroll, and the building and the sky glister to-gether; when the curtain of night falls, the magnificent dynamic landscape pictures circle around the building, looking so grand and exciting; at night, the gentle floodlight mode makes the building return to nature, looking quiet and peaceful.

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