External Appendix I

External Appendix I

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External Appendix I

METODO as Architects

It is of utmost importance to know the context of a new project especially if you are intervening or remodeling an existing one. In a certain way, the natural context in which they are situated is already influenced as an intrinsic part of the environment.

Intervention La Peña is intended to contemplate the environment where it is located. On one hand, the shape of the terrace responds to the topography of the garden, and by using natural materials, it pretends to blend in with the natural environment and be part of it. Functionally, this "topographic architecture" activates this part of the land, which was underused, bringing the client closer to the lake.

The terrace is divided into three platforms that go in relation to the levels of the land and the use they have. In the first terrace, we locate an area to eat; the second one works as a resting space and in the last one there is a fire pit and a jacuzzi. The three platforms have a direct relationship with each other, that is, users may interact with each other even though they are in different platforms.

The other part of the project, a suite that rises from the client's need, whose location was chosen for its solar and lake orientation, was made with apparent materials that already surrounded the house, preserving the existing architecture.

From its conception, tribute was made to the environment of the house, finishing the access directly with a rock, which is framed with 2 new stone walls. Likewise, to emphasize the interaction with the natural environment, we use the existing rock as a bench in the shower and it was used as a fundamental element, being visible from all spaces within the new bungalow.

During the construction process, we discovered the existence of a large rock that we could use as the back wall of the bedroom and that would emphasize our interest in giving a function to the natural elements. This is a good example of one of the most important characteristics of the architecture of Metodo: the aesthetics of our architecture is based on showing the function of the building, indicating that an element that has a spatial or structural function can be at the same time a decorative element.

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