Firma EI_1

Firma EI_1

Nufringen, Germany
Project Year

Johannes Hopermann

New built office-building with a storage depot and a production shop

architekturlabor as Architects

The square based building with its two floors stands detached from the storage depot. A glass-enclosed connecting corridor on the first floor links the two buildings and functions.

The office rooms are arranged alongside the eastern and southern façade. A massive core, made of concrete, is placed in the northern zone of the building, which houses the auxiliary functions at the ground floor. The U-shaped Atrium with the associated diner and the positioned steel stairs is the communicative centre of the company; a wooden terrasse in the front section extends this area into the outdoor zone. The room itself is lightened up by a central skylight above the atrium, which also opens the room from the bottom to the top.

The exterior walls are made of prefabricated exposed concrete units, off-site casting insulated, and were casted at the construction site. The coloured scumble, that is put on the interior and exterior walls, visualizes materiality and structure of the concrete walls, and therewith the building emphasizes itself from the surrounding housing.

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