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Dark green as the reed grow;

Glistening dew came to white frost;

In my words that person across;

By the water as I know.


This is a rural system of doors and windows in ancient China, from which a series of structurally small, white and soft glass materials is derived abstractly, to present a kind of visually graceful and tranquil and even delicate space in relation to the East poetic aesthetics. Through the mists winding around are the waterfront and beside the islets in the waterside, “green reeds are thick and dense, and clear dews become frost thence.” Hook, bamboo fence, and other rural antiques in China, all define “place spirit” whispering that it is a masterpiece of creativity by Chinese land, which provides us with no grounds to turn a blind eye to its native form, including humanistic form on earth in our times. This is aesthetic poetry of the East country China, and the embodiment of our poetic state of mind. It is all, and all.


Material Used :  Organic glass rod

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Bosjes Chapel
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Bosjes Chapel

Bosjes Farm, Witzenberg District, South Africa - Build completed in 2016
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