Glass Pavilon

Glass Pavilon

Moneo Brock Studio
Camino de la Resinera s/n, Cuenca, Spain | View Map
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Ake Lindman

Glass Pavilon

Moneo Brock Studio as Architects

The Pavilion is the key point of the landscape proposal. Its location in the southeast corner of the solar, this intrinsically related to the development of its volume. It acts as a filter between the Park and the city, blurring the urban periphery in the natural landscape and becoming a set designer for the activities of the Park. Offered also as the main entrance to the Park through a large porch which forms a covered plaza.

The project is the result of the volumetric, modular and geometric transformation of Pavilion in relation to its location in the Park. We started projecting a compact and unitary volume which offered an open and homogeneous space, but which was not adapted to the needs of the solar. A modular structure offered us constructive advantages in repetition, and to free us from the need to design a compact structure, and tilt a sum of modules, the possibility of fragmentation took us to explore an irregular volumetry. The development of the final geometric shape of the module was based on the search for balance between the repetition of the unit and the composition of their sum, joint where we wanted that the unit is diluyese, disappeared. The end result resembles a forest in its interior but a mineral fragment in its exterior.

Pavilion consists of a set of twenty-three equal and reverse modules, that together form a structural mesh. Its arboreal form is that of an irregular Pentagon compound of steel and glass, with four arms shank. The set offers a complex composition, a forest of steel can be adapted to the particularities of its location. The building, still composed of fragments, creates inside a space diaphanous, single and continuous; a space similar to that which you could find in a forest; clearance irregular, more akin to a medieval square than Baroque.

It is a space where you enjoy the Park, protected from the weather, but in contact at all times with the natural environment. It is home to many of the social activities of a park, a plaza, walk and meeting; but also concerts and dances, festivals, children's Theatre, workshops, exhibitions and small fairs. These activities are complemented inside with some services, café-restaurant, kiosk of newspapers, toilets, etc.

The building is tempered with underfloor heating and low emissivity glass or opaque on the facades and roofs. The natural air-conditioning provides in winter - thanks to the Sun and the greenhouse effect - an increase in the temperature of the interior space. In summer the Windows will always remain open, allowing the effect fireplace, the air movement upward where escape by linear openings in all caps.

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