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Residential Landscape
Guilherme Pucci


OTP Arquitetura as Architects

The Project was conceived with a re-reading of a traditional brazilian farmhouse, looking to bring traditional elements such as porch, patio, gable roof, eaves, combined with a contemporary design.

The first insight was to preserve the natural conditions of the site, a 2000 m² aclive, with 14 meters high difference beetween its extremeties.

Was defined the average elevation of the land for the implantation of the two volumes, on the left side the social one, facing the slope and taking advantage of the view with the pool set in half slope. On the right side is the private part of the house facing the slope, where are located the bedrooms and the reading room,protecting it from noise and giving better privacy.

The two volumes are connected by an apparent concrete slab with apparent ecological brick, creating a contrast with the two white volumes. The concrete slab in the entrance hall works as a connection bridge beetween the social and private sides of the house.

A local existing tree was already located in the middle of the site, a central courtyard was conceived around the tree, making the tree an important and essential object in the design. This is responsible for the spatial organization and flows of the project, besides guaranteeing the best insolation and ventilation of the environments.

The Volumetry of the main facade is composed of two white pentagonal prismatic volumes with only two small symmetrical openings in contrast to the volume of the entrance hall, taking advantage of the materiality of the concrete and the ceramic brick.

The social volume is characterized by the flexibility of the environment and its fluidity, integrating the patio into the pool area.

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Product Spec Sheet
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