Hamburg House Expo 2010 Shanghai

Hamburg House Expo 2010 Shanghai

Spengler · Wiescholek
Shanghai, China
Project Year

Spengler · Wiescholek Architekten / Hamburg · 2010

Office and residential building used for exhibition during EXPO 2010

Spengler · Wiescholek as Architects

Owner: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, represented by Ministry of Urban Development end Environment.

Construction: Solid structure made of concrete, exterior walls with masonry facade, flat roof used as roof terrace, glass curtain wall in large scale north facing, windows with window shutters controlled to the position of the sun.

Ecological measures: Use of natural cooling energy Large scale of photovoltaic system on the roof, direct use of photovoltaic power Monocrystalline modules a 230 W --> 24,8 kWp generated power: 24050 kWh/a

Ventilation: The project includes a high-efficiency air conditioning unit (about 7.700 m³ / h) with regenerative energy exchangers with high recovery rates (heat recovery rate of about 85%, moisture recovery rate of about 65%). The device contains of two thermal packages with highly sensitive mass accumulator, through the fresh and exhaust air is alternately encouraged. The accumulator mass has the property, in the case of winter warmth and moisture from the air to be incorporated very quickly and leave them just as quickly to the cold and dry outside air. In the summer case, the outside air is dehumidified and cooled simultaneously. The supply air is blown through convectors into the rooms near the outer walls, the exhaust air is extracted centrally in the ceiling area in the mid of the floors.

Heating and Cooling: The base of the building heating and cooling system is a geothermal heat pump, based on energy piles, with a heat output of 50 kW and a cooling capacity of about 45 KW. The base load of heating and cooling brought into the building by concrete core which will be supplied by the geothermal heat pump. The heat pump covers the entire heat load of the building and the base load of cooling. The coverage of the balance of the cold requirement is achieved through the use of renewable supplied chilled water from the City of Shanghai. By central ventilation system, convectors and fan coils the heating and cooling loads of the building will be covered.

U-value: exterior wall 0,18 W/m²K U-value: roof: 0,18 W/m²K U-value: base: 0,39 W/m²K U-value: window: U-value: 0,73 W/m²K U-value: glazing windows: 0,6 W/m²K U-value: glazing glass facade: 0,7 W/m²K

Cooling Energy Demand: 10,6 kWh/(m²*a) Specific Primary Energy Demand: 126,3 kWh/(m²*a) Passive house certificate: under progress, hand in later notes: Location shanghai, adaption to local climatic terms in PHPP, supervision of PHPP by PHI

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