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Heartware Network Office

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Heartware Network Office

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Heartware Network, located at Ganges Avenue, is a registered charity youth organisation that reaches out to an average of 1,500 youths annually. The design of its new 350sqm office is a Community Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by DP Architects (DPA). It is also DPA’s latest foray into the design of flexible and creative work environment. Launched in July 2018, Heartware Network revealed a transformed office space, which showcases key ideologies of the organisation through, encouraging and empowering participation and volunteerism in youth.

Conceptualising the 350sqm premises, DPA explored how design can be used as a powerful tool to reach out to youths of today; to influence the way they reimagine and identify with space while nurturing values within them. These were achieved through the introduction of a distinctive modular and interactive grid furniture system that iterates with various plug-in elements.

Three key design strategies were applied to realise such an open workplace:

1) Canvas Allowing Sense of Ownership & Participation

The design acts as a canvas for customisable spaces via tiered bleachers on wheels, loose seating and individual pedestals which can pack back into the cabinetry, enabling flexibility in the space. Ideation panels and spots are also freely available, and incorporation of play modules such as swings encourage participation from the youth.

2) Palette of Youthful Aspirations and Energies

While a neutral palette of plywood, white laminate and shades of grey are chosen for the base, accent colours are incorporated, aligning with Heartware Network’s corporate colours. An additional overlay of acoustic hanging mobiles and signage also add distinctive character and soften the spaces. Each showcase and advocate the various ideologies that the organisation and their youths advocate.

3) Stage for Being Socially Responsible

Green and smart elements incorporated allow for youth to be aware and take ownership of their part to the environment. A feature green wall which harvests the condensate from the air conditioning greets anyone who enters. Sensors allow for smart control to switch off lighting not used and all electrical components wired allow users to have satellite control via apps while monitoring their day-to-day carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The design of Heartware Network’s new office is a reflection of the energy of the youth and aims to give the youths who volunteer with the organisation an empowered voice.

Design Team: DP Architects, DP Design, DP Lighting

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