Hotel im Schulhaus

BEGA as Lighting

Today, hotel guests encounter bright, welcoming corridors where children once used to run in this former school house. The classrooms, staffroom and secretary‘s office have all been turned into comfortable hotel rooms. Lorch am Rhein in Germany has therefore gained an interesting hotel with a pleasant past.

Constructed almost 80 years ago, the rigorous Bauhaus style interior design is still recognisable in the former school building. The renovation and modernisation work was therefore carried out with corresponding care. Red accent walls combined with simple lines serve to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in the black-and-white corridors.

The corridors of the four-storey hotel are lit by timeless wall luminaires made from trilaminate opal glass. These high-quality, beautiful luminaires stand out with their minimal design concept and rectangular glass cross-section.

Large black-and-white photos featuring happy children enliven the historic building, invoking old school days and sometimes featuring original shots. The luminaires used here vary in length depending on the storey height from 290 mm or 425 mm. These wall luminaires are available in a total of four different glass lengths.

The breakfast room was added as a one-storey glass and steel cube extension positioned in front of the building without impairing the view of the main façade. In this space too, the high-quality wall luminaires are an outstanding match for the interior design.

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