Hotel Number Nine

Hotel Number Nine

Pierattelli Architetture
Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy | View Map
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Ph. Massimo Listri

Hotel Number Nine

Pierattelli Architetture as Architects

Firenze Number Nine takes place in an aristocratic palace from the seventeenth century. Located in the historical centre of Firenze, it combines art, beauty and elegance with the highest standards of hospitality. Pierattelli Architetture implemented a conservation and restoration project giving to the visitors the feeling “to be at home”. The fireplace, the ribbed vaults and the perimeter arches remind to the typical aristocratic Florentine style. These spaces are hosting an Art gallery that through sculptures, paintings and photographs made by famous artists make a dent in the daily life of Firenze Number Nine.

The first, second and third floor accommodate the rooms which differ in terms of dimensions, furniture’s colour scheme, materials’ coating and wooden floor. The most distinctive elements are the boiseries, (that reintroduce in an original way the “Florentine bugnato”), the massive headboards and the quality of drapes and furniture. These details contribute to lend to Firenze Number Nine’s spaces a charming and Renaissance appearance.

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