House in Glattfelden

House in Glattfelden

Mirlo Urbano Architekten GmbH
Glattfelden, Switzerland
Project Year
Private Houses
Damian Poffet

House in Glattfelden

Mirlo Urbano Architekten GmbH as Architects

The new residence is situated in a village in the lowlands of Zurich, close to the Rhine. Together with the neighbouring buildings it forms a new semi-public square, which expands up to the facade and entrance.

photo_credit Damian Poffet
Damian Poffet

The buckled shape of the roof originates from the traditional methods of construction within the local context. In this specific case the roof additionally provides an ideal sun-related orientation for the photovoltaic and collector panels. The diagonally cut wooden casing of the facade is also inspired by the geometry of the traditional timber-framed buildings. Inside the three floors are connected through a communicative, vertically open space.

photo_credit Damian Poffet
Damian Poffet
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ElementBrandProduct name
BikiniVertigo Bird d.o.o.
Cement tilesMosaico
Lichtbaustein roundNeuco
Solrif SunpowerSchweizer AG
Product Spec Sheet
Cement tiles
by Mosaico
Lichtbaustein round
by Neuco
Solrif Sunpower
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