House of Arts and Culture, Beirut

House of Arts and Culture, Beirut

Mikou Studio
Beirut, Lebanon
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House of Arts and Culture, Beirut

Mikou Studio as Architects

Similar to Beirut, the House of the Arts and Culture is inspired by the diversity of cultures; stimulating the imagination by integrating the sensitivities of various artistic domains. This overlapping of cultural layers is a characteristic feature of the program, which creates a strong identity for the future House of Arts and Culture and hence refers to the iconic image of Beirut; city of cultural and historic sedimentation, nicknamed the "well" because of the various Hellenistic, Roman, Arabic and Ottoman layers. That is why the building is not conceived as a monolithic mass, but rather in a manner to stage this overlapping of cultural layers and the process throughout which they become real spaces, transitional spaces for the exchange and intertwining of creativity.

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