House with Retaining Walls of the town

House with Retaining Walls of the town

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House with Retaining Walls of the town

Studio Velocity as Architects

Housing for the married couple and two children built in an uptown in Mie prefecture. This site is located in an erosion valley in hills 7km away from Ise-Bay. And surround area was developed by opening a large mountain about 30 years before.After the housing land development making the hills flat was done, the cliff to cancel the level difference every district appeared. This development split the town into "upper area" and "lower area", and the development make two kind of life range. That is why old community was broken off. This site was on the edge of "upper area" and had old retaining walls which height was about 3m height on the boundry.


So here was dead end in this town. Two side of this site was continue to "upper area" but the others were not continue to ground. Front side and back saide were face to street and neighbor side was face to farm, so almost all side of this site were open to surrounding environment, however it is possible to enter from only one side. We thought about the way of connecting two area (”upperarea”and”lower area”) and opening to three direction. Thw way is excavating the part of the site and removing retaining wall. This house can get some merit by being putted on the bottom of the ground.

①This house is lower height and consider north neighbors.

②This house does not give any building pressure to retaining wall from side.

③This house have privacy from north neighbors. Before complete, we staff went to the site to plant the clover on excavated face of slope.


When we working at construction site, we got a persimmon from the old lady working on a farm.An uncle lived in "lower area" told me the process by which a site was land for housing.The street width is small and almost no car runs. Uncle's house was built along the street, and an oriel had the shelf which puts a pretty bonsai. I think break of a town community may spend time slowly and be being connected again by a life of this family who crosses the level and lives.


Material Used :
1. Roof / PVC sheet waterproof
2. Outer wall / elastic ricin
3. Floor / solid pine flooring
4. Wall / PB t = 12.5mm cloth
5. Ceiling / PB t = 9.5mm AEP

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