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IKEA Creative Hub Office

IKEA Creative Hub Office

Nanna Lagerman
Malmö, Sweden | View Map
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Marcus Lawett

IKEA Creative Hub Office

Nanna Lagerman as Architects

What was the aim?

To contribute to everyday life in an office space that welcome every ones creativity in a new way. To create an office that makes you feel at home and a space were every room should have its own character, feeling, mood, colors, style, expression. Like a fairy tale with rooms as chapters on its own. They all works together, but each room plays its own music.


We wanted to find out what happens when…
… you have a board meeting in a room with plywood walls, sitting in a spectacular sofa with plywood cubes instead of tables.
… the conference room is all pink and soft.
… you can go bananas writing on every wall in one of the rooms.
… the interiors is shown and styled as you usually don´t see them in IKEA stores.


What was the space originally?
The space was originally housing a bank office and apartments.
The house was built in 1908
Architect: August Stoltz
Client: Skånska Handelsbanken (a Swedish bank)


15 rooms + kitchen in 880 square meters on the 4th floor in a building from 1920ies in center of Malmö.


A welcoming, open, sustainable, social, home-y, flexible, fun and creative space with room for personality, creativity, collaborations and privacy. The 15 rooms are optimized for meetings, brainstorms, workshops, projects, focus, reflections, cocooning, presentations and individual work.


From the brief:
A space that is fun and quirky.
Room to display artifacts that speak to our "personality”.
Hidden or surprise elements.

A space with a strong IKEA identity.
That is warm and welcoming, and shows off our home-furnishing prowess.
Appealing to the five senses.

A space that puts sustainability at the forefront.
Makes visible our commitment to sustainability.


An agile space that adapts to the way we work and supports our business model.
A place that supports a hacker mindset.


Welcoming, open spaces.
Spaces that draw people together to allow for socializing and coming together of the minds.
Visibility of each other and what we do.
A space that allows us


A space that caters to different styles of working.
Collaborating, focusing, brainstorming workshopping, complete privacy, etc.
A space to unplug, relax, cocoon, and reflect.


How was the space renovated?
Parts of the old wooden floors were previously changed and most of the ceilings were previously made lower and could not be restored. But where they ceilings were intact we highlighted them by restoring and even paint them in a color to highlight and draw attention to them. The wooden parquet floors were sanded and varnished matt. Some of the more contemporary wooden floors were painted or covered with wall-to-wall carpets.


Were any aspects restored?

Old doors, floors and ceilings were carefully restored when possible and sometimes copied to keep the feeling of the old apartment.


What are the different spaces inside?
We created rooms specialized for:
- Projects
- Workspace
- Focus
- Meetings (different sizes)
- Brainstorms
- Conferences
- Editing
- Library
- Eating/socializing


What are the key spaces in the office, how have they been styled and what furnishings are used?
We only used IKEA furniture in all of the interior but were free to mix news with vintage, repaint and refurbish.


- Situationhult is a large meeting/conference room all painted in pink (walls, joinery, windows and radiators), with a soft pink wall-to-wall carpet and pink curtains covering all of the walls. The tables were painted darker for contrast. Behind the curtains you find cork (painted in pink) for pinning presentations and inspiration.


- Bookhult is the library and is used for reflection, inspiration, small meetings and work on you own. The room is painted blue (walls, joinery, windows and radiators) with a soft blue wall-to-wall carpet. Even the bookshelfs are painted in the same blue color. The sofas are refurbished using blankets from the PS-collection 2017 and a black table were repainted in a bright blue for contrast.


- Woodhult is a meeting room with plywood walls, bathroom wall lamps and painted floors. The seating is soft (Ikea PS 2017) and low. Plywood boxes could be used as tables, seats, bookshelf or podiums for presentations.


- Filmhult is an editing room / meeting room with dark grey walls, a soft golden wall-to-wall carpet and velvet dark grey curtains. There´s both working stations for editing work and soft seatings for film viewing.


- Boardhult is a room made for brainstorms and creative meeting all dressed in white with a lot of space for the mind. All the walls are painted in whiteboard paint for you to scribble and sketch.


- Hanghult is the office core, situated in the centrum of it all. It is a kitchen / eating area / meeting place / café with white tiles on the walls and a totally black kitchen. Tables and seating in different sizes and lots of stackable stools for occasions when the office gather many people.


- Workhult is the main working area when you’re not working in a project room. (The working name was the Factory.) Three rooms in a file, two rooms with working desks and one with soft seating and pallets with large scale drawing pappers as tables. Light grey walls and original wooden floor in all three rooms.

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