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Joseph Pschorr House

KUEHN MALVEZZI as Architects

A commercial building, the Joseph Pschorr House is a hybrid of two different building typologies. On the one hand, the building follows the historic model of a mixed-use building, with the retail functions on the lower two floors and apartments on the top floor which, in this case, has been extended to include a full residential loft. On the other hand, the building represents a development of the department store typology; three separate units are interwoven over four levels in the middle zone and the upper floors are largely shielded from the street. As a result, the building is more open to the city on the top floor and lower two floors, while the design of the elevations of the middle floors is more withdrawn.

More from the Architects:

A commercial building woven into the fabric of the city, the Joseph Pschorr House combines flexible retail space with quality residential typologies and carefully designed open areas. Three discrete architectural units gracefully integrate the structure into its urban context and present different aspects on each of the three facades. At the center of the complex is a courtyard, which widens upward through a three-story greenhouse to merge with a spacious rooftop garden. 

Bronze facades and windows mark the building as a contemporary interpretation of historical architectural craftsmanship. On the south facade, pale stucco and widely spaced windows create a distinct presence that fits elegantly with the historical structures of the adjacent residential area.   


FAKRO as Windows

Located in central Munich, the shiny bronze facade and windows of the Joseph Pshorr house mark the building as a contemporary example of traditional architectural craftsmanship. In addition to providing the shiny bronze metal facade, FAKRO also supplied 120 pivot and top hung windows with double-chamber glazing units. The windows combine with the roof surface by means of specially designed flashings.

More from the Manufacturer:

The newly erected Joseph Pschorr Haus located in the centre of Munich between Neuhauser Straße, Eisemannstraße and Altheimer Eck was designed by architect Kuehn Malvezzi of Berlin. The building is 50 metres high, has 5 floors and an underground garage with over 200 parking spaces.

On the site of the present building there was formerly a large beer-house and brewery named “Pschorr”, from which the present building gets its name thus combining tradition and modernity. The clients opted for a high-quality finish of the building.

Shiny façades are made of glass and metal. 120 pivot and top hung and pivot FAKRO windows featuring double-chamber glazing units are installed in the building. Windows are combined with the roof surface by means of specially designed flashings made of the material provided by the client.

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