The Kamique project is a collection of three luxury villas strung in an organic composition along the south shore of Anguilla in an area known as Little Harbour. The villas share a panoramic view of the turquoise and azure sea and the spectacular backdrop of the mountains of St. Maarten off in the distance. While the residences range in size from 3,500 to 6,500 square feet, they are each comprised of three graceful pavilions which are rendered in a consistent and harmonious style. The look and feel of the can be described as sensual modern, utilizing clean surfaces, a generous use of glass, flowing and interconnected spaces, and a high premium placed on the continuity between the richness of nature and the shelter of the house.

The interplay of inside and outside is enhanced by such features as deep overhangs creating covered outdoor space, pergolas and sun shades, and the orientation of the pavilions and their doors and windows to channel soft, cooling breezes throughout all the spaces. The feeling of living in the landscape is made even more palpable by the provision and placement of extremely luxurious outdoor shower gardens which offer privacy while inviting breathtaking views of the sea.

Of particular note are the distinction between the front façades and the ones facing the water. Upon approach, the houses appear quite private and solid. However, when one enters into the high-ceilinged and open Great Room, the sea view, hidden up until that point, explodes before your eyes. The wall opposite the entry folds away to offer full outdoor living, uniting the room with the outdoor terrace and infinity pool beyond. The use of the same flooring and wall materials in both the interior and exterior spaces perfectly expresses the concept of seamless continuity.

To achieve a sense of warmth and tropical tranquility, materials such as deeply stained tropical hardwoods, cedar shingle roofs, simple plaster stucco, louvered doors and panels, and a lightly textured and warm Jerusalem stone floor are combined in a silken palette that invites a restful respite from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Ultimately, what Kamique delivers is a uniquely Zen-like atmosphere in which to escape to one’s own private island.

Home Base Tel Aviv
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Home Base Tel Aviv

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Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel - Build completed in 2020
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