Knostrop Weir Bridge

Knostrop Weir Bridge

Knight Architects
Knostrop, Leeds
Project Year
Paul White

Knostrop Weir Foot & Cycle Bridge

Knight Architects as Architects

Knostrop Weir footbridge forms part of the wider Leeds Flood Alleviation

scheme. It will be a key link in maintaining a pedestrian and cycle pathway along the River Aire.

A simple but dynamic design was developed. Cantilevering piers supported from the new weir cradle a sinuous deck form.

Plan curvature produces wider deck areas where people can stop and watch the weir without impeding other users who will be commuting into the City.

Careful attention was made to avoid creating any complex curvature in the architectural form of the deck which would have been difficult to fabricate and impact cost.

Project Credits
Structural Engineer
Steelwork Contractors
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