Kuale House

Territorial as Architects

This project was created between the participation of a family and their community. In eighty days, the project was analyzed, conceptualized, collaborated, designed, presented, approved and finally built.


Kuale and its 45 square meters were planned to serve as a permanent home for an immigrant family of eight. It was always conceived to serve as an example, not just of collective voluntary work that can be part of a non-inclusive society, but also as a place to gather and encourage hope for all the neighbors that have similar realities.


The intimate house is composed of six spaces; three bedrooms, a social area, a full bathroom, and an indoor patio. The family's’ daily activities are focused to the indoor patio because of the reduced number of windows. This patio is the focal point of the house to achieve optimum natural light and fresh ventilation.


This project was the result of combined efforts from the family, artists, investigators, photographers, and the design/architecture team. The main goal of this teams’ efforts is to encourage positive change, inspire a new neighborhood, and improve the cityscape.

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