Lambri Apartment

Lambri Apartment

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Project Year
MCA Estudio
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Armchair - Ghost FlexformGroundpiece
Wall Lamp - IC Lights C/W, Michael Anastassiades FlosIC Lights
Armchair – MF5; Table – Mesa de Jantar Mineira; Coffee Table – Maria Antonieta, Mesa Central de Ripas, Etel Design
Chair – GhostGervasoni
Table Lamp – Birdie´s BuschIngo Maurer
Ceiling Lamp – MushJader Almeida

Product Spec Sheet
Armchair - Ghost
Wall Lamp - IC Lights C/W, Michael Anastassiades
Armchair – MF5; Table – Mesa de Jantar Mineira; Coffee Table – Maria Antonieta, Mesa Central de Ripas,
Chair – Ghost
Table Lamp – Birdie´s Busch
Ceiling Lamp – Mush

Lambri Apartment

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura as Architects

The renovation of this 550 m² apartment in São Conrado Beach in Rio de Janeiro had as its starting point the integration of its internal and external views. The beach atmosphere, relaxed, very carioca, with a palette of light colors and brush strokes of blue reminding the sea were some of the requests of the customers. Given this program, we created a project with the concept of “Urban Beach”.

Its original circular floor plan underwent many changes, the largest of which was the displacement of the couple's suite that was at the back of the apartment to occupy the front, facing the sea. The pantry was incorporated into the kitchen, a beauty salon, a playroom and two suites for the children were created.

The careful choice of flooring materials in the social area also took into consideration the “Urban Beach” concept: Travertine marble floors and off-white Stucco walls to refer to the color of sand. In the intimate area was used a very light oak floor and white walls. Taking into consideration fishermen's houses made of wooden planks, we chose to use lacquered wood paneling to cover some walls and ceilings. The direction of the paneling rules varies so much that the traditional rhythm is deconstructed. Doors, cabinets and trapdoors are then disguised through this feature.

In the decor, the mix of contemporary furniture of Brazilian and Italian design integrates with antiquariato furniture. We took advantage of many furniture in the old apartment and chose to buy new furniture and objects without the "supermarket design" footprint.To organize the books, objects and collections of affective value, we designed bookshelves that are scattered in the living room, bedrooms and playroom, executed by CAP Israel Joinery. The collection of works of art brings together Vik Muniz, Vergara, Marcos Chaves, Arthur Lescher, Adriana Varejao, Laura Vinci, Sergio Sister, Gabriela Machado, Jorge Mayet, Carlito Carvalhosa and Alexandre Arrechea, and had a great importance in the decoration layout.

The building has a privileged location and is located in the center of the site, so the entry of natural light is sufficient to dispense the use of artificial lighting during the day. LD Studio's lighting design project aimed to highlight the artwork and the use of each space, and was concerned with specifying low energy consumption and high performance equipment. Some of these decorative fixtures are signed by Ingo Maurer, Jader Almeida and Michael Anastassiades. Automation, in turn, complements the care with minimizing energy expenditure.

In this “all at the same time” world, our homes have also come to play an important role in our daily tasks. We have the "time" of connection and entertainment, but we also have the "time" of relaxation and deceleration. And it is precisely in that latter that landscaping enters in this apartment. Plants not only decorate the spaces. They are intended to return the connection to nature to the residence. Landscaper Esther Bonder opted for plants that integrated the décor and were appropriate to the weather.

Material Used :

1. Jader Almeida – Ceiling Lamp – Mush
2. Ingo Maurer – Table Lamp – Birdie´s Busch
3. Flos - Wall Lamp - IC Lights C/W, Michael Anastassiades
4. Etel - Coffee Table – Maria Antonieta
5. Etel - Coffee Table – Mesa Central de Ripas
6. Etel – Table – Mesa de Jantar Mineira
7. Etel – Armchair – MF5
8. Flexform – Sofa – Groundpiece
9. Flexform – Bed – Groundpiece
10. Gervasoni – Chair – Ghost
11. Flexform – Armchair - Ghost

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