Loft in Kreuzberg

Loft in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Private Houses
Photography: Markus Mahler

Restoration of an brick/concrete building in Berlin

ECLISSE srl as Manufacturers

A skilful dialogue between two materials, wood and concrete, generate a strong characterisation to the renovation of an early twentieth-century home in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s famous multicultural district.

Architect Tanja Meyle (of Meylenstein Berlin) converted the building into a 250 sqm loft with a contemporary style.

The existing wooden structure was preserved, as well as for the old chimneys and the two main brick walls.

The central structure consists of a concrete cube that separate the large open space of the living room from the smaller kitchen. Some pre-existent bricks are left back in the kitchen, to show where the traces of the old fireplace are.

Three boxes coloured in blue of different sizes heights line the corridor, never reaching the ceiling. They contain a bathroom and a laundry room with a toilet, a storage space and a guest bedroom. The boxes entries are hidden from retractable sliding walls with no external finishes, perfectly integrated into the wall. The door panel is painted the same colour as the wall, blue on the outside and white on the inside. To conceal the openings, the architect uses counterframes without door jambs or frames from the Eclisse Syntesis® Line, a discrete solution minimising the visual impact of the doorway without leaving any of the edges of the aluminium frame visible.

The top floor is dedicated to the bedroom area.


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