Media library

Media library

Dok architecten

AEQUO architects
Delft, Netherlands
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Media library

Dok architecten as Architects

The media library is part of the Hoogoven Building (former blast-furnace building) in Delft, which also houses shops, restaurants and cafes, apartments and bicycle storage sections. The most important materials of the building are glass and ceramics - dark bricks for the ground floor and orange bricks for the upper storeys. The media library is situated on the Cultuurplein (Culture square), embedded in the surrounding buildings. Its entrance is immediately recognizable there by the high glass façade that has been erected two metres in front of the existing frontage. This exposes the media library to the square, with its activities perfectly visible from the outside. The staircases are located behind this glass façade. Thus, a living image is created there, together with the activity on the square at ground level. On first floor, the visitor emerges under an eye-catching glass roof that runs the entire width of the premises. This visual link acts as a clarifying and structuring element. An important role in the orientation of the visitor is also played by the interior. Here a transition is made between the hard industrial shell and the warm, soft materials of the interior. The interior walls also play an important part in the signposting and orientation of the space. The display cupboards have been placed so that they create individual spaces that are small-scale, transparent and conveniently arranged.

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