Campus building fitted with unique wooden ceilings & walls

Derako as Manufacturers

Spacious and warm, the ceiling of the Wibaut House at the University of Amsterdam is finished with FSC certified Ash.

The building was designed by KPF Architects and Studio V, who deliberately chose a modern and natural look for the ceiling and walls of the entrance, two auditoriums, the floors and restaurant. In order to achieve this, the ash slats were delivered with a finely sawn finish and clad with grey acoustic non-woven fabric.

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The new Wibaut House on the Amstel Campus, commissioned by the University of Amsterdam has been equipped with Derako solid wooden ceiling and wall systems. In this very spacious and warmly designed building the linear system with FSC certified Ash has been applied.

Solid wood for a calming, warm and natural effect

The building was designed by KPF Architects and Studio V, who deliberately chose a modern and matt look for the ceiling and walls. In order to achieve this, the ash slats were delivered with a finely sawn finish and provided with grey acoustic non-woven fabric. This has given the entrance, two auditoriums, the floors and restaurant a warm, calming and natural look. 

Improved acoustics

In the two auditoriums Derako has ensured improved acoustics by using a combination of two types of the solid wood linear systems. In this way a double function was realised. The solid wood ceilings in the central part were designed in such a way that they contribute to a good transfer of the speaker sound, right to the back of the hall. Simultaneously the sides of the ceilings were given an modified structure so that they help in absorbing the hum from the hall.

Curved wooden ceilings and technical support

In the building specially curved wooden ceilings have been used in various places. To get the correct shapes, in which the wooden ceilings and walls melt into each other, Derako worked out a technical plan and everything was delivered prefabricated on site. Because of the unique coding per carrier system and installation plan the assembly was done quickly and unambiguously. The result: Meticulously fitting ceilings and walls with an organic and special appearance.

More information about the project

See more pictures of the project Amstel Campus. You can also discover more about the possibilities and easy mounting of the Derako solid wood ceiling and wall system and request your system/ wood sample.

Muller-Lulofshuis (Muller-Lulofshouse)

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates as Architects

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam (or Amsterdam University of Applied Science) is a unique and open city-campus at the start of the Wibaustraat: The Amstelcampus. The Amstelcampus is an important intellectual and multidisciplinary node in the network that connects the University with other institutes and the professional practice.

The recently completed Muller-Lulofshuis is one of the three new educational buildings of the Amstelcampus – designed to restore the original urban structure and complete the original building block. In addition to its main educational functions, the complex houses sport accommodation and student residences. The facades of the residential part of the building relate to the surrounding buildings through their height and the use of similar materials. The educational facility at the head of the building block responds in its scale to the buildings located along the Wibautstraat.

The sport accommodation in the Muller-Lulofshuis is located primarily in the basement of the former Wibauthuis (Wibauthouse) and consists of a big sports hall and associated facilities. Two parallel residential blocks for the students are located right above the sports hall. The use of the large roof terrace between the two residential wings is shared by residents as well as the external students in the campus.

The lower three floors of the front educational building have been designed to serve as a reception and meeting area in a sequence of open and transparent spaces. The floors above have been designed as highly efficient office and educational areas.

Most of the facades of the complex use brick as the primary material, combined with titanium coloured metal, glass and wood accents. The simplicity of the massing of the buildings is complemented by a richer facade articulation, including fine detailing and a play of shadows achieved by a deeper louver system.

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