ND apartment

ND apartment

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Tuan Nghia Nguyen

ND apartment

Nghia-Architect as Architects

ND Apartment - is an affirmation of the beauty that comes from the diverse WOOD materials combination that Nghia-Architect has brought to the owner of this apartment. The combination of wood materials sometimes improvised, sometimes subtly arranged, and then blended in with other materials and emotions has brought a new look to the apartment, which is tedious and monotonous.


The renovation of ND Apartment includes 2 main stages including:


Changing of space dividing frame systems (1)

Interior finishing of apartments with the main material of WOOD and materials of the same feel (2)


(1) Change of space dividing frame system

Changing the location of the wall to divide the space in the current apartment not only ensures the optimization of the space used by ND Apartment but also creates more optimal living spaces such as the green area is opened. wide, increasing the flexibility in using the common space between the living room, dining room, kitchen, thereby creating a sense of spacious, more open space.


The layout of shared space between the living room, dining room, kitchen but still divided by interior layout techniques (dividing ceiling or indirect dividing by interior) helps bring the feeling spacious for apartments.


(2) Interior finish of the apartment with the main material of WOOD and materials of the same feel

The highlight of the Nghia-Architect office architects when renovating this apartment is the flexible use of WOOD materials: sometimes improvised, sometimes subtly arranged, sometimes mixed in with the objects. Other similar materials (stone, fake stone tiles, grindstone floor ...) As a result, the image of the apartment with monotonous and boring shades was initially replaced by a "quality" apartment that enthusiasts mesmerizing WOOD materials are hard to ignore.


Change the monotonous basic finishing materials (white painted walls, plaster ceilings, fake wood floors ...) to more modern and advanced finishing materials, with special emphasis on materials oriented towards nature ( wooden cladding walls, plasterboard ceilings and a combination of effects from lights, large textured stone floors that make you feel like standing on natural gravel…)


The regular horizontal and vertical percentile of wooden bookshelf arranged in proportion to the diverse array of paintings hanging on the wall of wood makes sense of interesting visual flow.


Material Used:

1. Wood

2. Terrazzo

3. Mosaic

4. Pirce (Suspension) – Lighting - Artemide

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Pirce (Suspension) – Lighting Artemide
Product Spec Sheet
Pirce (Suspension) – Lighting
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