New School District

CCDSTUDIO - Ciaffoni Ciutti Di Marcantonio as Architects

The project was financed between the local municipality and the consorzio karabak sette. these two subjects are joined together to provide new spaces for the public facilities that were represented previously by two buildings: the center school district and the offices for the local administrative authorities. the proposal has different architectural scales seen through the program and with the site constraints.

The development draws from the urban setting to mark the two different buildings with specific signage to indicate the interior programs. first, the school is a single storey structure that hosts a kindergarten, nursery and a daycare center. while, the offices are located in the adjacent three level complex which contains the archive and garages on ground floor, public reception and offices on the upper two.


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Product Spec Sheet

Screen in the facadeAbaco Solutions s.r.l.
Water protectionDerbigum
Product Spec Sheet
Screen in the facade
Water protection
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Barn conversion in Loubí

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Loubí, Holany, Czechia - Build completed in 2018
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