Nexus Cph - PPP Kalveboderne Quay

Nexus Cph - PPP Kalveboderne Quay

Arkitema Architects
Copenhagen, Denmark

Nexus Cph - PPP Kalveboderne Quay

Arkitema Architects as Architects

Nexus Cph will be the new administrative centre of Banedanmark, The Danish Transport Authority, The Danish Road Directorate and the Danish Energy Agency.

The building is placed as a visual landmark at the gateway to central Copenhagen, as one of the largest and most significant settlements on Kalveboderne Quay West - both to drivers along Kalveboderne Quay and train passengers to and from Copenhagen.

Nexus Cph is a building made of brick, which is a material characterized by a sharp and robust expression. Furthermore the building is bisected by a green street that divides the settlement into two main parts.Towards the green street the facades inclines as a stairway towards the terrain, which ensures a human scale and optimal daylight conditions inside the building. At the same time the facades are experienced as light, transparent and vivid glass facades with a high level of detail and warm colors. The green street offers opportunities for both short and long stays and creates a living environment including a café and the canteen.

In order to ensure effective, productive and at the same time attractive workplaces, Nexus Cph contains different architectural environments. During the day both your workplace needs and your type of work change - this change is reflected in the customizable architecture that forms the framework for both team-based and individual work. At the same time, there must be room for informal meetings and creative zones. As a unifying element for Nexus Cph the ground floor works as a base, which brings together the entire building complex. Here all common functions such as canteen, café, meeting rooms, training center and service center are located. At the same time the reception works as a central focal point. Across the green street intersecting walkways ensures a house with an optimal flow, good logistics and a vibrant knowledge-sharing among the many users. Nexus Cph creates relationships and connections - between people in their work lives, between knowledge and between the four government agencies.

Nexus Cph is a low-energy class 2020 construction.

Facts Address: Kalvebod Brygge, Carsten Niebuhrsgade, Copenhagen Year: 2014 Size: 43,000 m² Client: The Danish Building & Property Agency Construction: PPP operator A. Enggaard Architect: Arkitema Architects Landscape: Arkitema Urban Design Engineer: MOE Awards: 1st prize in the PPP competition 2014 (public-private partnership)

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