Oootopia: An Alternative Dwelling for Millennials

Oootopia: An Alternative Dwelling for Millennials

Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.
18 Sung Wong Toi Road, Ma Tau Chung, Hong Kong
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Fiona Bao

Oootopia: An Alternative Dwelling for Millennials

Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd. as Architects

Oootopia is a newly evolved serviced residential concept designed for passionate individuals who celebrates life. Within Oootopia, Oootopians can inspire and be inspired, discover and rediscover, and achieve more than we can individually.

Whether you are a social worker, a schoolteacher, a free-spirited artist, or an aspiring entrepreneur; local or new-to-town – we share one common trait: the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.

Ultimately, Oootopia is a sanctuary for relaxation, and solitude. Oootopia is a place, a cave, where you can charge-up, summon your ideas and ideals. Our design is therefore simple but elegant. Life can be simple, and we celebrate simplicity.


Hong Kong is infamous for its sky-high property prices and high living standards. Everyone, except the 8% elites and company tycoons, are suffering. Millennials suffered the most, and some of them are even contemplating on leaving Hong Kong for good.


In early 2018, we were commissioned by an esteemed international real estate fund to explore and design an apartment typology for the young up-and-coming in Hong Kong and Asia. Our target group are 25-35 year olds, who are achieving certain degrees of successes and wish to have a place where they may share their ideas and dreams and have their own private spaces.

Our client has bought two old 8 stories buildings to be uplifted into modern serviced apartments, one at Ma Tau Wai and another at Mong Kok – both aged and weathered areas in Hong Kong. By renovating these old buildings into contemporary serviced apartments, we wish to bring millennials into the old districts to revitalize the area.


Groundwork was not only the architect for this project, we were also the brand builder, operator, illustrator and market researcher.

We strongly believe that young people need private space to think, dream and re-charge, so that they can excel and work at their fullest. We have therefore encapsulated our core values into the three “OOO”s of OOOTOPIA:


Is the glass half full or half empty? In Oootopia, the glass is always half full. We believe in creating opportunities, even though sometimes, it may be difficult. Oootopia hopes to create an environment in which we can dream – and dream big. Oootopia a place where we may encourage each other to seize the moment.


You are not alone in this journey. An open-mind that wishes to understand each other is all it takes. We believe that the world will be much more enjoyable if we respect each other. We embrace diversity, facilitate interactions as a community. In Oootopia we have to think individually and work collectively so that we may make a positive impact on the world. Leave a mark!


Be yourself. Oootopia emphasizes on mutual respect, but also recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. At Oootopia, it is all about staying real without the limitations of social norms; we will never judge.

We advocate recycling and environmental friendliness to the core! Every floor is fitted with recycling bins. All of the electrical appliances are energy saving. We have even installed sensors to detect room occupancies so that when you leave your apartment, all of the electrical appliances will switch off automatically. You can leave them on too, but you will need to pay for the extra electricity cost! All of our doors are password activated and they are linked to an Oootopia phone app, which you can use to book your dentist appointments too.

We were not only the designers for the space, as mentioned before, we were also Oootopia’s brand builder and even invented Oootopia’s chill mascots, website and Instagram posts!


Oooptopia is important as it creates opportunities. We acknowledge the desire and needs of a growing millennial society; for those who are willing to work for a lifestyle they deserve, we wish to create options and opportunities.


We do not subscribe to the “co-living” narrative: we felt that young entrepreneurs, musicians, celebrity chefs to-be, PhD Candidates etc, need their private space to galvanize their ideas and rest. Thus, all of our rooms are en-suite, affordable, and serviced. 


- 18 Sung Wong Toi Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Kaitak)

- 8 Anchor Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong (Anchor Street Oootopia)


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