Restaurant 212

Restaurant 212

Amstel 212, Amsterdam, Netherlands | View Map
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wouter van der sar for concrete

Restaurant 212

concrete as Architects

Restaurant 212 is open! Dining in the open kitchen of Richard van Oostenbrugge & Thomas Groot.

Amsterdam February 1st 2018, Concrete is proud to announce the opening of restaurant 212 Amsterdam for Richard van Oostenbrugge en Thomas Groot. Concrete designed the name, interior design and graphic identity of the restaurant.

212 ... is the address on the Amstel, but it also is the balance between two passionate chefs joining forces to create one unforgettable experience.

Inspired by this passion, the two chefs and their cooking staff claim their spot in the centre of the space inside the open kitchen. The guests are seen as visitors to this kitchen, and are invited to sit down at the kitchen counter that wraps around the workspace. This way, guests and chefs can interact directly, sharing their passion and elevating the dining experience for both, guests and kitchen crew alike. 212 is in fact Amsterdam’s first ‘no table restaurant’.

The focus of the interior is on the central kitchen and guest experience, everything else is literally greyed out. The interior layout is designed around the open kitchen in the centre of the space. The counter wraps around the kitchen on three sides in an interrupted U-shape. On the corners, the counter top cantilevers over the edge of the counter to create tables of two or four. The back wall boasts all major appliances and an open fireplace.

The choice of materials has been kept pure and honest: stainless steel for the entire kitchen, rear wall and hood. Natural oak is used for the counter top & front as well as the floor and ceiling as a warm counterpart to the industrial feel of the kitchen. The centre ceiling and bar counters have a custom three-dimensional surface constructed from oak pyramid shapes to create a warm, dimmed and intimate ambiance. The perimeter between the façade and bar counter has been realised in a neutral grey: with ton-sur-ton floor, walls, sheer curtains and ceiling. Even the smallest details such as windows sills, speakers, lighting & switches feature grey tones.

The wall next to the entrance displays a monochrome graffiti by street artist ‘Rafael Sliks’. The logo of 212 is balanced over the horizontal axis creating a mathematical fraction, symbolising two parts that make a perfect whole.

Material Used:

1. Floor - oak parquet, oak parquet stained grey in outer perimeter

2. Walls - grey paint, grey voiles, grey carpet towards the restrooms

3. Ceiling - grey paint, three-dimensional oak pyramids

4. Lighting - concrete shades, neon logo

5. Furniture - Beatle Chair by Gubi

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